FUT 14 - Prices To Remain The Same

That's what FUT Producer Marcel Kuhn has told videogamer.com anyway...

 In an interview with the site, he discussed the pricing for FUT over the years and in regard to FIFA 14

"What is pretty amazing is that since we came out in the first week we didn't change the pricing of anything in FUT, Not even based on inflation or whatever the reasoning is, so the prices are fairly consistent.

"I don't know what the exact price is going to be, but it's going to be very similar and very close to what we had last year, which we are actually really proud of because it never really went up over four years,which is pretty cool."

So it looks like Microsoft ditching MSP and using real currency will be the biggest change to any pricing in FUT. Good times, if you're the kind of person that spends real money on FUT...

Source: Videogamer.com


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