Xbox Exclusive Content - FUT Legends

Way back at the Xbox One reveal in May, Andrew Wilson said that there would be some exclusive content for FUT on Xbox. Today we found out what it was.

After heavy speculation yesterday that FIFA 14 would be shipping with every Xbox One, it's been confirmed. Every Xbox One pre ordered in europe will include FIFA 14 for free. In addition to that, the exclusive FUT content is FUT Legends. Legendary Footballers. In FUT. Only on Xbox.

Head over to Facebook or watch the trailer below featuring Gullit, Freddie Ljunberg and Dennis Bergkamp (wearing number 23, grrr, although we can fix that ourselves now!).

As mentioned above, this content will be exclusive to Xbox, so the question remains for those that were already on the PS4 bandwagon, is this enough to sway your decision? Or at least make you a little bit jealous? This could be huge.



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