FUT 14 - Web Access Dated

All that recent maintenance has led to this moment...

On the 15th of September, you'll be able to access FUT 14 through the web app and make a start on the next 12 months of FUT.

Seeing as your FIFA points will carry over from CG to NG (assuming you're making the switch straight away) as well as your coins, players and club items, there's no reason to hold back.

The demo is going to be available on the 10th and just as you're getting to the point that you've played it to death, the web app opens up for FIFA 14. How's that for timing eh?


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    #227 OI_LOYT_85

    some ppl have already made like 2 million coins just by using the web app

    its crazy really

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    #228 futhead_marialinda

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    #229 futhead_marialinda

    found one youtube about best site to buy fifa14 coins and lover really

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    #226 MVR0

    I'm logged on to the web app, but how do i get my 24 free packs. do i have to wait till i get the game? (sorry for noob question)

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    #225 roxorzenit

    I think i used the web app for Fifa 13 on ps3, before August 1. Did i have to use Ps3 before that date to be able to get the Fifa 14 web app? Or is it fine with just the web app? 

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    #224 eugenes99

    i played fut 13 (ps3) since january but did you need to have used the webapp? because i've never used the web app, does that mean i can't get the early web access for fut 14? i also preordered fifa 14 if that matters

    also what does it mean by security question

    Last edited by eugenes99: 9/12/2013 1:53:19 AM
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    #221 mkeets

    After reading some, actually most of, the comments I now understand how so many can start from basically nothing on the web app to getting in that 50-100k coin range. A lot of the people who are going to access the web app early seem to have no idea what they're doing.

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    #218 futhead_MBN

    i played fut for ps3, but i am planning on getting fifa 14 for xbox 360, so when i go onto the early web app access will it be for the ps3 or can i switch it to xbox 360?

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    #217 Cashley_Cole

    wow :/ I would of got around 10 loyalty packs for being a FUT founder on 360 but im making the switch over to PS4 so no packs for me :(

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    #223 Djeckson

    Not sure where you got this info from because i have been getting free packs for years on ps3

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    #215 steveyiu2005

    I havn't played fifa13 , but i have pre-ordered fifa14 , 

    can i use the web app on 15sep ? 

    IF yes , as i ordered the ultimate edition , can i open my first pack on 15sep ?

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    #216 poklane

    You can use the web-app, but you can't open your ultimate edition packs. But if you log in daily, you'll get some rewards.

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    #222 futhead_ari898

    no you can't use the web app without having fifa 13

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    #214 WaZqU

    I'm not planning to get Fifa 14 for the PS3, but i do for the PS4. Can i transfer my coins to the PS4 without having the game on the PS3?

    Last edited by WaZqU: 9/8/2013 4:42:08 PM
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    #213 futhead_maxterpstra

    I made an account at about january, but i have created a new ultimate team on that account. I also have 2 other account from the start of fifa 13 who have still got the old ultimate team, but i dont play on them.. they are just for trading. on which account can i get the loyalty packs??

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    #220 futhead_WillyBooby

    Every account will probably be given loyalty packs... that's why people make numerous accounts.

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    #208 roxorzenit

    How can you get the Fifa 14 web app? i remember last year you had to play Fifa 12 through certain dates, but now? Im transitioning from xbox to playstation. I went to a friends house and played FIfa 13 at the start of August. Im guessing that would get me on the web app?

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    #201 bitch

    So let me get this right all player and coins you have fut 13 will be transferred to fut 14 or isit just coins and fifa points. Please someone reply

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    #202 No_Squad_Name

    its neither its only if you xbox 360/ps3 and play fifa 14 then you can transfer coins players to xbox one/ps4


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    #200 polkema

    Am I the only 1 wondering how ppl gonna make a team on only Ultimate team Webapp? As far as I know it isn't possible to get fifa coins without ur console. And without fifa coins no1 will have anything to buy packs. Correct me if I'm wrong pls

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