FIFA 14 - FUT Web App Open

A little earlier than expected...

Your starter pack featuring 34 items is waiting for you, and if you're lucky like me, you'll have some great items like Marveaux or Leto waiting for you. My entire first pack was shit, but at least they're loyal eh.

There's currently a run of daily gifts, so you'll want to check in regularly, and FUT founders can also expect to find 3 All Player Packs, including 12 players each. 4 Bronze, 4 Silver and 4 Gold, 1 Rare. That's what I got anyway.

So get yourselves over to the web app. If you want a little more detail on the chemistry changes, there's an EA tutorial here and everything we know about FUT is here.

Don't panic, FUT 13 hasn't gone away. It's still available in game, on console and on PC. The web app however is FIFA 14 from now on.


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