FIFA 14 - Creation Centre Now Live

If you follow us on Twitter you'll already know (if not, why not? There's a button up on the right there), but it's good to do a post about these kinds of things. Creation Centre has been pulled down, but is back up and badged for FIFA 14.

The PC to Game creation tool is running again, but short of the main screens, it's hard to find any changes. Having been through the process of creating a player and a team, there is nothing that stands out as new. Literally nothing. We did a side by side on some screens from last year and it looks like the kits are the same, I suppose it's possible that there are some new boots. Maybe. In fairness the functionality added last year was impressive, sponsors for example, but it's disappointing to not see more improvement this year.

Going forward anything you make will only be available in FIFA 14 and if you edit any old creations, they'll only be available in FIFA 14 too.

If you want to dive into Creation Centre, it's here and if you're new to it, there's a run through of Creation Centre content here. Prior to using it, you'll need to link up you EASFC account. Details on that here.


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    #4 CMEW_FIFA

    There are a couple new stadiums to use, as well as different balls for tournament creation.  Apart from that, one big change was the addition of several kits, however, strangely they disappeared after the second day the new Creation Centre was up and running.

    I managed to update a few of my teams, however I'm not sure if those new kits will be returning or if this was a permanent removal.  You could notice that my Trabzonspor (creator CMEW) team for example has the faded Nike kit, and my Dinamo Zagreb team (also CMEW) has two new Puma kits.  Otherwise, there is no evidence they existed.  Any info would be appreciated.

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    Will it be free though?

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    #2 IlGrecoIl

    everyone's gonna be downloading fenerbahce, dynamo kiev, marocco, nigeria, serbia, and all other great teams that are missing

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    #1 futhead_Antwi31

    This is awesome !!!!

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