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It's not even out in all territories yet, but FIFA 14 has received it's first patch. Rolled out yesterday evening on the PS3, the 22MB patch should be with PC and 360 users any day now (it may even be live now, although I didn't get prompted to download it on the Xbox 360 last night). A post from Chu on the EA forums notes minor fixes to Creation Centre and Skill Games and stability issues found in the closed beta.

Also mentioned are fixes incoming for the below issues identified from the demo and early access:

• The effectiveness of headers from corner kicks and crosses.
• The effectiveness of finesse shots.
• The accuracy of lofted through-balls.

The wording of the post leads me to believe that these fixes are NOT included in this day 1 patch, but will be in the next one.

Additionally, EA acknowledge the freezing that's been reported, but don't have a fix planned at the moment and probably don't even know what's causing it yet, stating "We continue to investigate these reports internally, and with our partners, and will update the community when we know more."

So if you've experienced the freezing and have any useful details, put them in the comments or let us know on Twitter and we'll pass them on.

You can read the full post on the EA Forums.


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    #38 futhead_deMoRi

    this is the  worst game i ever played in my life..fu EA fucking retards i lost 6:4 last game with 25 shoots on target and he score 6 goals with head..where is the fucking logic?

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    #36 futhead_tayroni

    They have done the "investigation". There is a bug/glitch on the physics engine in headers. Ball goes THROUGH the head of the defender. The physics engine do not consider two touches on the ball. Consider only the first.

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    #35 Stigowich

    Played my first 8 games today.

    First game i thought "Wow, i suck at making first touches", and lost. Second game was the same story. Then all of a sudden, my first touch were brilliant, even though i chose a worse team and i won 4-0. Next game it was back to being a bunch of very poor first touches. Then i realised, every match had a different amount of lag/delay, and it was impossible to get used to if it were 0,1 of a sec. in one match, and then 0,3 in the next.

    Are there any others who are experiencing lag/delay in the matches, in such an amount that it is impossible to play? I actually find the small delays the worse, because it seems like the game flows, but you press just af microsecond to early every time.

    It's kind of frustrating, so feel free to reply it will be in any way helpful.


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    #37 grizzlyfish

    Im experiencing the exact thing as you. So frustrating. Haven't found a solution yet

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    #33 TheSalkin

    Haven't experienced any freezes since I got the game two days ago, however like 60-70 percent of the goals I have scored has been on headers. The lobbed through balls and the finesse don't bother me nearly as much as the headers, and the lack of fouls given by the ref. I have litterally had like half decent 2-3 opportunities to score from a direct freekick... Usually you average at least one per game..Come on EA, pretty close to perfect! Get the gameplay right, then work on the menus afterwards. Also, the cleats are very dark while playing at night... Other than this. Excellent game.

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    #30 futhead_iblacktorres

    i was up 4-0 in the 90th minute and the game froze right when i conceded a penalty. before he could take the pk, the screen went black and i had to dashboard. I was in the semis of the online gold cup and it gave me a loss. =/

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    #28 futhead_gabito4u

    its ok! all goals is from headers, none did una great play, all the game is basicaly, center and goal from headers, all finesse shoots still powered!!! i hope a new fix came in the future... 

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    #26 futhead_iamthatkneegrow

    Having finesse shots work is actually pretty cool considering they didnt work at all in fifa13 but having 3 corners goals scored on me every game is not fun. it makes me want to rage. poor controllers. 

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    #34 Ozxkar

    I never brake controllers, I scream and talk a lot of shit but never never brake controllers. They're fucking expensive.

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    #25 futhead_Velo

    I didn't get any added time for me in the Demo... is this fixed? 

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    #27 futhead_felipter

    Only on on the full game

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    #20 mfmaxpower

    Any word on fixing menu lag in the PS3 version of CM? 

    FUT menus work like a charm but CM is slow as hell for me, especially team management. Such a disappointment right now.

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    #23 Dangriff67

    Agree, it's almost unusable. And when I'm looking at scouted players it always moves down 2 players at once. Does that happen for you? Team management was horribly laggy last year too so not expecting them to fix this. Hopefully will be better on PS4.

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    #24 Tom

    "Almost unusable" Jesus, maybe it's hardware specific, I'm sure Dave would have moaned about that by now.

    Are you guys early release or disk? And which PS3s do you have?

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    #29 mfmaxpower

    CM menus are improved on the disc version from the early release, but it's still frustratingly slow, and certainly slower than the 360. Team management in CM meanwhile is just as bad as the early release and near unusable. 

    Lots of people on the interwebs are mentioning this issue with the PS3, so it's certainly not an isolated case. In a thread on the official forums, someone has posted good videos showing what's going on, if you're interested.

    I'm curious to hear from anyone with the PS3 version who does not have serious lag in CM menus. For a game that's so good otherwise, I'm pissed as hell that this is happening. At the moment I've quit playing CM and am only playing single-player UT. 

    I"m not really sure which PS3 I have. Slim I think.

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    #31 Tom

    Yeah chuck me a link to those videos if you can find it. Cheers.

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    #32 RupertXl

    i'm finding these issues to also some of the skill games lag as well, but the ultimate team menus work fine with no lag

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    #19 Martins104

    My first game in seasons i won 3-0, i was looking at the highlights when all of the sudden i got a notification saying "You lost connection to your opponent" i got disconnected from the EA servers and i couldnt log in back :l 

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    #17 SoapTicTack

    I just lost a baseball game irl and I was pissed then I come home to play this and it freezes... really ea, really

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    #15 SoapTicTack

    My game freezes whenever I click career mode and ultimate team doesnt even work. Then my career mode I started yestereday says the file is damaged....

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