FIFA 14 - First Patch


It's not even out in all territories yet, but FIFA 14 has received it's first patch. Rolled out yesterday evening on the PS3, the 22MB patch should be with PC and 360 users any day now (it may even be live now, although I didn't get prompted to download it on the Xbox 360 last night). A post from Chu on the EA forums notes minor fixes to Creation Centre and Skill Games and stability issues found in the closed beta.

Also mentioned are fixes incoming for the below issues identified from the demo and early access:

• The effectiveness of headers from corner kicks and crosses.
• The effectiveness of finesse shots.
• The accuracy of lofted through-balls.

The wording of the post leads me to believe that these fixes are NOT included in this day 1 patch, but will be in the next one.

Additionally, EA acknowledge the freezing that's been reported, but don't have a fix planned at the moment and probably don't even know what's causing it yet, stating "We continue to investigate these reports internally, and with our partners, and will update the community when we know more."

So if you've experienced the freezing and have any useful details, put them in the comments or let us know on Twitter and we'll pass them on.

You can read the full post on the EA Forums.


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