FIFA 17 - Ultimate Scream


Scream rhymes with team.


We recently posted details of FIFA Mobile's plans for Halloween, and now we have details on the plans to celebrate in FIFA 17.


The Ultimate Scream event will run from now (21st October) until the 1st of November, featuring a bunch of new player items, a new kit (certainly 1 for now, possibly more later) and a bunch of new Squad Building Challenges.


The Squad Building Challenges are now live (you can check them out on Futhead) and the players are already in packs, where they will remain until the 28th of October.


From the 28th of October until the 1st of November these items will recieve a temporary stat upgrade, and it has to said that the upgrades are massive.


91 rated, 80 pace Mertesacker anyone? No? How about a 95 rated Payet with 92 pace, 94 dribbling and 94 passing? Or a 93 rated Salah with 95 pace, 93 dribbling and 92 shooting? Honestly, go and check the ratings out, here's the full list on Futhead. After the 1st of November, the players will return to their original stats, as in the stats held between now and the 28th of October, NOT the players original stat values.



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