FIFA 17 TOTY Starts January 9th

Roll up, roll up...


It's almost time for the most greatest of Ultimate Team occasions where this year FUT TOTY festivities will begin on January 9th (Monday). You can find all of the nominees over at EA and we'll of course reveal the final XI when the time comes. 


As per previous years we can expect Defenders up first, then midfielders ending with the all important trio of forwards for whom the pack hunt will no doubt separate you from your hard earned coins. So if you're not about on the 9th fear not, as the packs and promotions will no doubt last all week. (Try not to blow your load in the first 5 minutes)


Aaron has been working on his FIFA 17 TOTY Predictions too which you can catch HERE.


And EA have produced a cool TOTY video where superstars of the game reveal their own picks for the TOTY. Shout out to Badstuber for becoming my new hero! 



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