FIFA Confirmed For Nintendo Switch


It's not all good news though.


Having dropped support for the Wii U very early on, way back with FIFA 13, EA have confirmed that there will be a version of FIFA for the Nintendo Switch. EVP of EA Worldwide Studios Patrick Söderlund had this to say at the switch launch.

"EA Sports FIFA on Nintendo Switch will be the most immersive, social, and authentic sports game ever created for Nintendo players. It will deliver the FIFA experience custom built for Nintendo you can play anywhere, play with anyone, and play how you want to play."


So that all sounds good, EA haven't completely ditched Nintendo, just the Wii U, which based on it's performance would seem fair enough, however according to Eurogamer's Tom Phillips, FIFA for the Nintendo Switch will be built from the PS3/Xbox 360 version of FIFA, which obviously lacks a large number of features and modes when compared to PC, Xbox One and PS4.


EA's very own Peter Moore challenged the rumour, highlighting the part of the announcement that said FIFA for Nintendo Switch would be custom built for the platform, but the idea that they started from scratch for a new platform seems a little bit wild, especially considering the relationship between EA/FIFA and Nintendo in the past and EA's willingness to ditch the Wii U early on.


FIFA for the Nintendo Switch is available to pre order on Amazon (and probably other sites) although it doesn't yet have a release date and is also rumoured to not be ready for the launch of the Switch on the 3rd of March.


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