FUT Champions Weekend League Cancelled This Weekend




EA have made the decision to cancel FUT Champions this weekend, so you can relax. They need to address some technical issues *wink wink*. Crucially, if you were qualified, your qualification will carry over.


Here's the statement from EA.


Hey FIFA fans, 


As part of our commitment to keep FUT Champions the most fair and fun place to compete, we are cancelling this week’s FUT Champions Weekend League while we address some technical issues.  You can see the updated FUT Champions schedule in the FUT Champions HUB.


If you had already qualified for this week’s FUT Champions Weekend League, your qualification will carry over to next week.


In addition, qualification for the Ultimate Team Championship Series will be based on Weekends 1, 2, and 4 within January. 




The FIFA Team


Reaction so far seems to be a 50/50 split of people ecstatic to have a whole weekend free of FIFA and those that finally had enough free time to play all their matches and now find themselves unable to get involved. Hilarious really.




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