FUT Ratings Refresh Due Today

More leaks than the White House. 


That's right folks, FIFA's 'Winter Upgrades' phenomenon seems to be getting an upgrade itself in the form of the 'Ratings Refresh' which will see hundreds of players go up, and possibly down in rating in one big swoop. Which will represent a huge and much needed change for the FUT landscape as FIFA 17 goes in to it's final months. And it could drop today!


Previously the Winter Upgrades have seen players updated in small blocks of activity over a week long period, but from the leaks which popped up on EASPORTS.com (so they're legit) it looks like EA are doing it all in one big bang. Which will certainly shake things up on the markets. 



There's nothing official from EA at the moment, but they normally launch these types of updates at around 6pm UK time for maximum coverage and Vancouver convenience. So keep an eye on social media throughout the day for the latest times and dates as they could drop today. 


Who deserves an upgrade? And who deserves a downgrade? 


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