BT Sport To Screen FIFA 17


FIFA on your TV. Like, your real TV.


Sports network BT Sport have announced that they've secured the rights to show the remaining FUT Champions events live on TV in the UK.


Their deal with EA will see them broadcast season 2 of the regional finals as well as the final in May:


  • Vancouver - 8th April
  • Singapore - 22nd April
  • Madrid - 6th May
  • Berlin - 20th and 21st May

Head of BT Sport, Simon Green said, "This is yet another example of live innovation from BT Sport. Competitive interactive football gaming is a rapidly growing industry and I'm delighted that BT Sport is now able to showcase it for the first time ever in the UK."


In less than a year since launching with FIFA 17, FUT Champions has generated a massive spike in interest for FIFA as an EA Sport, it's been teetering for a little while, but FUT Champions has pushed it over the edge and thrust a bunch of players properly into the limelight almost overnight.


Source: The Guardian


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