FUT 15 Wish List

You the Futhead community have spoken and after 1300 comments we can finally reveal your official community Wish List for FUT15, and there are some cracking ideas for EA to mull over as they make their final FIFA 15 plans. 

A huge thank you from myself (Dave), Tom, Dan and Chris for all your contributions to the Wish List, even those that didn't make the final cut. Over 1300 comments is a monumental response and above all else, you may all have helped to shape your FUT experience not only this year, but in years to come too. 

Here's your official Futhead community FUT 15 Wish List.

Wager Matches

By far the most suggested wish in our FUT 15 list was of course the FIFA YouTuber staple - Wager Matches. There were an insane amount of likes for anyone mentioning wagers but also plenty of neat suggestions around how the pre-match "lock-in" could work, and which items you should be allowed to bet. But, there was also a sense of knowing sadness too, because as we know introducing gambling in to FIFA opens up a whole world of legal issues, and due to the age rating that EA pitch the FIFA series, its with regret that your number one wish has to be filed in the "very unlikely" category. 

Wished for byGeorgeCD, Bogey5495, futhead_Nattybei

Search Options for In Form and TOTY

Ultimate Team's Transfer Market searching has come on an awful long way in the last two years with FUT 14 especially, offering numerous upgrades on how we can best navigate to the cards up for sale. Player Name searching was the marquee addition but from your wishes the next area for improvement was clear. The ability to search the Transfer Market explicitly for In Form and TOTY cards, and we couldn't agree more. 

Wished for by: JayMeWright, invinsiible, Soyacidal

FUT Friendlies to Not Effect Player Contracts and Fitness

We'll be honest, we don't play that many FUT friendlies but for those of you that do your main frustrations were clear. At the end of the day, as well as being a bit of fun between friends, these matches are ultimately about experimentation too, seeing which players  gel and which system you think works best. So to have the game punish that creativity by taking away player contracts and fitness in a non-competitive environment seems counter-intuitive. No more please EA.

Wished for by: PocoHusztiJayMeWright

National Kits and Badges 

EA's removal of the home/away kit restrictions this year enabled an almost infinite number of kit combinations but you guys want more. And as well as club allegiance the Futhead community want to be able to nail their national pride to the mast too, and as all the kits and badges are already in the game. It's time to bring them to FUT. 

Wished for byfuthead_ubercool70, futhead_alecgator16, futhead_zanderrulez, RobbyAmazin, Mick04

Expand Manager Tasks

I think we're all in agreement that Manager Tasks in FUT are a great way to start your team building journey but you guys want much more, and we had some excellent ideas on this topic. Many of you are keen on the addition of Weekly Tasks to add a bit more variety to the mix but what you were also interested in were much longer term goals too. FUT doesn't really have an "end-game" as such to aim for, but long term challenges like creating a full IF team, or to score 500 goals could help to extend the experience over the many months we play for. The rewards for achieving these end-game tasks should be handsome too. 

Wished for bySpOrTzDuDe5886, futhead_FifaMessi97

Make Generation Squads Playable

Most peoples opinion of Generation Squads is "what's the point?" And whilst they are a nice reminder of good times past, they don't really add much, if any value to the mode. However, if they were to become playable just against friends and perhaps for no coin rewards at all, they'd suddenly become an exciting option to properly relive the fond memories of our own FUT history. Shotgun FIFA 09 Ronaldinho.   

Wished for by: futhead_Sarn33zyfuthead_AfroAthletic

Weak Foot and Skill Upgrades on In Form's

It's impossible for EA to get every players stats right, but In Forms are ultimately their chance to right the games wrongs when in the real world, players are doing serious damage on the pitch. All we get at the moment are moderate stat boosts but you guys would like to see Weak Foot and Skill upgrades added as well for those few that deserve it most. 

Wished for by: thabeastfc, Matze3546

Legends on Playstation

There's no doubt a hefty wadge of cash securing FUT 14's Legends to Microsoft's platforms but you guys want to see parity between the consoles and quite rightly too. We also pay the same price for the game, and we all love and hate it the same amount. EA should always try to provide the same FIFA experience regardless of hardware preference and Legends should without doubt come to Playstation. (And PC)

Wished for by:  Bogey5495, futhead_Jespersen, futhead_FifaMessi97, futhead_tristandup

Practice Mode for FUT

As friendly matches (see above) are taking away Contracts and Player Fitness what about a Practice Mode for FUT instead? Somewhere that you can freely experiment with different formations, styles, chemistry and players until you find what you deem to be the perfect mix. It would be great to have an open sandbox environment for FUT and if changes to friendly matches are a non-starter, maybe this is the alternative. 

Wished for byLiverpoolFan10

Cards to Change Work Rates

Player Work Rates often cause much debate within the Futhead community and in many cases players with the right work rates, in the right positions will often outplay more talented cards. Having a modifier to allow you to tweak player work rates would be a really interesting idea and lets face it, they'd be infinitely more interesting to experiment with than attribute cards. (Which can probably depart) 

Wished for by: futhead_alexizlegit, XBL_Luny_Kid

Bronze, Silver and Gold Seasons

The Seasons concept has been in FUT for two years now and whilst the jump to 10 Divisions was welcome, the current format isn't really engaging with what is FUT's core purpose - squad building. However, a Seasons mode with specific Bronze, Silver and Gold requirements would add a whole new dimension to the game mode and perhaps "featured" Seasons with really specific entry requirements could be released periodically too.

Wished for byTsjapfuthead_SuarezNibbles

Gameplay Coin Boosts

FUT's general gameplay style can be frenetic and very samey but one way you'd like to see variety in style rewarded is with coin boosts for specific on-the-pitch actions. We had lots of great suggestions but the general consensus was that the boosts have to be for fairly difficult tasks to make sense. Like, scoring an overhead kick, nut-megging a defender, scoring a perfect hattrick, or scoring off the crossbar.

Wished for by:  futhead_iNickUTLilFro90

Design Your Own Kits and Badges

If EA genuinely want Creation Center to become a prominent part of FIFA, deploying it in FUT to allow the design of custom kits and badges would certainly be the way to do it. There'd be the predictable rise of the phallic shaped "Knob United" of course, but among the nonsense there'd be some incredible artistry too. Letting the community list their own creations on the Transfer Market, could make this one a real game changer. 

Wished for bydarkindividual, kingchinno

Close Runners

  • Squad Contract Cards
  • Buying FIFA Points with EASFC credits
  • Spectator Mode
  • To be able to take a free kick with either foot if the player has a 5* weak foot
  • Certain players to have alternate chemistry positions eg LW and RW
  • Shutdown coin traders
  • More formation cards
  • Being able to use FUT Squads in offline modes
  • Better servers (obviously)
  • Re-enable coin boosts from the EASFC Catalogue
  • More Ibra
  • In Form Manager cards
  • A separate FUT achievement list
  • Better packs (obviously)

That's quite a list, but if there's anything glaring that we've missed by all means continue the discussion in the comments. This list is now off to EA, and we'll hope to catch up with the team soon to see how your ideas were received. 

Futhead Community, you did us proud. 


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