FUT 15 Wish List

You the Futhead community have spoken and after 1300 comments we can finally reveal your official community Wish List for FUT15, and there are some cracking ideas for EA to mull over as they make their final FIFA 15 plans. 

A huge thank you from myself (Dave), Tom, Dan and Chris for all your contributions to the Wish List, even those that didn't make the final cut. Over 1300 comments is a monumental response and above all else, you may all have helped to shape your FUT experience not only this year, but in years to come too. 

Here's your official Futhead community FUT 15 Wish List.

Wager Matches

By far the most suggested wish in our FUT 15 list was of course the FIFA YouTuber staple - Wager Matches. There were an insane amount of likes for anyone mentioning wagers but also plenty of neat suggestions around how the pre-match "lock-in" could work, and which items you should be allowed to bet. But, there was also a sense of knowing sadness too, because as we know introducing gambling in to FIFA opens up a whole world of legal issues, and due to the age rating that EA pitch the FIFA series, its with regret that your number one wish has to be filed in the "very unlikely" category. 

Wished for byGeorgeCD, Bogey5495, futhead_Nattybei

Search Options for In Form and TOTY

Ultimate Team's Transfer Market searching has come on an awful long way in the last two years with FUT 14 especially, offering numerous upgrades on how we can best navigate to the cards up for sale. Player Name searching was the marquee addition but from your wishes the next area for improvement was clear. The ability to search the Transfer Market explicitly for In Form and TOTY cards, and we couldn't agree more. 

Wished for by: JayMeWright, invinsiible, Soyacidal

FUT Friendlies to Not Effect Player Contracts and Fitness

We'll be honest, we don't play that many FUT friendlies but for those of you that do your main frustrations were clear. At the end of the day, as well as being a bit of fun between friends, these matches are ultimately about experimentation too, seeing which players  gel and which system you think works best. So to have the game punish that creativity by taking away player contracts and fitness in a non-competitive environment seems counter-intuitive. No more please EA.

Wished for by: PocoHusztiJayMeWright

National Kits and Badges 

EA's removal of the home/away kit restrictions this year enabled an almost infinite number of kit combinations but you guys want more. And as well as club allegiance the Futhead community want to be able to nail their national pride to the mast too, and as all the kits and badges are already in the game. It's time to bring them to FUT. 

Wished for byfuthead_ubercool70, futhead_alecgator16, futhead_zanderrulez, RobbyAmazin, Mick04

Expand Manager Tasks

I think we're all in agreement that Manager Tasks in FUT are a great way to start your team building journey but you guys want much more, and we had some excellent ideas on this topic. Many of you are keen on the addition of Weekly Tasks to add a bit more variety to the mix but what you were also interested in were much longer term goals too. FUT doesn't really have an "end-game" as such to aim for, but long term challenges like creating a full IF team, or to score 500 goals could help to extend the experience over the many months we play for. The rewards for achieving these end-game tasks should be handsome too. 

Wished for bySpOrTzDuDe5886, futhead_FifaMessi97

Make Generation Squads Playable

Most peoples opinion of Generation Squads is "what's the point?" And whilst they are a nice reminder of good times past, they don't really add much, if any value to the mode. However, if they were to become playable just against friends and perhaps for no coin rewards at all, they'd suddenly become an exciting option to properly relive the fond memories of our own FUT history. Shotgun FIFA 09 Ronaldinho.   

Wished for by: futhead_Sarn33zyfuthead_AfroAthletic

Weak Foot and Skill Upgrades on In Form's

It's impossible for EA to get every players stats right, but In Forms are ultimately their chance to right the games wrongs when in the real world, players are doing serious damage on the pitch. All we get at the moment are moderate stat boosts but you guys would like to see Weak Foot and Skill upgrades added as well for those few that deserve it most. 

Wished for by: thabeastfc, Matze3546

Legends on Playstation

There's no doubt a hefty wadge of cash securing FUT 14's Legends to Microsoft's platforms but you guys want to see parity between the consoles and quite rightly too. We also pay the same price for the game, and we all love and hate it the same amount. EA should always try to provide the same FIFA experience regardless of hardware preference and Legends should without doubt come to Playstation. (And PC)

Wished for by:  Bogey5495, futhead_Jespersen, futhead_FifaMessi97, futhead_tristandup

Practice Mode for FUT

As friendly matches (see above) are taking away Contracts and Player Fitness what about a Practice Mode for FUT instead? Somewhere that you can freely experiment with different formations, styles, chemistry and players until you find what you deem to be the perfect mix. It would be great to have an open sandbox environment for FUT and if changes to friendly matches are a non-starter, maybe this is the alternative. 

Wished for byLiverpoolFan10

Cards to Change Work Rates

Player Work Rates often cause much debate within the Futhead community and in many cases players with the right work rates, in the right positions will often outplay more talented cards. Having a modifier to allow you to tweak player work rates would be a really interesting idea and lets face it, they'd be infinitely more interesting to experiment with than attribute cards. (Which can probably depart) 

Wished for by: futhead_alexizlegit, XBL_Luny_Kid

Bronze, Silver and Gold Seasons

The Seasons concept has been in FUT for two years now and whilst the jump to 10 Divisions was welcome, the current format isn't really engaging with what is FUT's core purpose - squad building. However, a Seasons mode with specific Bronze, Silver and Gold requirements would add a whole new dimension to the game mode and perhaps "featured" Seasons with really specific entry requirements could be released periodically too.

Wished for byTsjapfuthead_SuarezNibbles

Gameplay Coin Boosts

FUT's general gameplay style can be frenetic and very samey but one way you'd like to see variety in style rewarded is with coin boosts for specific on-the-pitch actions. We had lots of great suggestions but the general consensus was that the boosts have to be for fairly difficult tasks to make sense. Like, scoring an overhead kick, nut-megging a defender, scoring a perfect hattrick, or scoring off the crossbar.

Wished for by:  futhead_iNickUTLilFro90

Design Your Own Kits and Badges

If EA genuinely want Creation Center to become a prominent part of FIFA, deploying it in FUT to allow the design of custom kits and badges would certainly be the way to do it. There'd be the predictable rise of the phallic shaped "Knob United" of course, but among the nonsense there'd be some incredible artistry too. Letting the community list their own creations on the Transfer Market, could make this one a real game changer. 

Wished for bydarkindividual, kingchinno

Close Runners

  • Squad Contract Cards
  • Buying FIFA Points with EASFC credits
  • Spectator Mode
  • To be able to take a free kick with either foot if the player has a 5* weak foot
  • Certain players to have alternate chemistry positions eg LW and RW
  • Shutdown coin traders
  • More formation cards
  • Being able to use FUT Squads in offline modes
  • Better servers (obviously)
  • Re-enable coin boosts from the EASFC Catalogue
  • More Ibra
  • In Form Manager cards
  • A separate FUT achievement list
  • Better packs (obviously)

That's quite a list, but if there's anything glaring that we've missed by all means continue the discussion in the comments. This list is now off to EA, and we'll hope to catch up with the team soon to see how your ideas were received. 

Futhead Community, you did us proud. 


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    #656 Gazza23

    I doubt it'll ever happen but it'd be interesting to see the transfer market taken away. It'd make it like the current World Cup Ultimate Team where the only players you use are ones you pull in packs. 

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    #655 futhead_Mc87


    -The obvious OP header and corners. I dont think its so much the keepers as it is the CB's. Make them smarter and more apt at deflecting headers and neutralizing strikers. 

    -After rebounds and deflections have offensive players better at positioning themselves. Countless times i have a hard shot parried by the keeper in the direction of one of my players and they roboticly keep running at the goal, ball landing behind them. This would help with a big issue for me in this game that there is a lack of variety in goals.

    -Make passing(especially lobs and thru balls) more difficult and more dependent on the player. Is this so hard!  Skilled passes have a better chance of theses ambitious passes succeeding than just everyone.

    -While the strength thing has helped defense. Defenders in 14 are still dumb as stones. They run past attackers all the time and keeping a clean sheet is almost more pure luck than it is skill due to this. This goes hand in hand with the headers. I by no means want all 0-0 mathces but make them smarter and reward more authentic passing and chances by the offensive player and it would be so mind numbingly frustrating to play matches .

    FUT features:

    I wouldnt say do away wirh Chemistry. Id alter it. Have the nationality matter more than anything. That is the theme you see with real life clubs. Arsenal -France and Germany. Spurs- Belgium etc. And add a chemistry that builds with players that dont fit the club or nation that rewards playing with the team longer.

    Due away with the chemistry styles. It makes already powerful players too much. Instead have the player get a small bonus for playing well. He scores two goals in each of previous 4 games he gets hot streak bonus like irl. Then they hit a slump  and theres no bonus.

    Due away with player positions. Instead have it like career. You can play Javi Martinez at striker. But he will play like shit. However if you need him at CB he will perform to his stats at that position the same as CDM. This would help tremendously with seeing the same teams all the bloody time.


    I havent seen this mentioned yet but this applies to the whole game. PLAYER FACES !    Get more F***** done. I used to play 13 on pc and there were mods done in the first month that made REAL IG player faces for thousands of players other than the gods of football. I play with Claudio Pizarro as my stricker and he looks like a generic face from Fifa 10. Nothing 'to me' takes me out of a moment more than seeing my cheapish bundesliga team celebrate and not knowing who the shit is who,lol.

    -Tats - Simple. add the big players tats . Mods for pc have done this and again it just helps make it feel more real.

    FIFA UT is supposed to make you feel like you put together a team of your fav players both popular and not. Just add more faces and likenesses like players who flop more than others young *cough*. and this you make you feel more ....IN THE GAME..

    Love this game and UT. Please make it a better place ea. 

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    #654 LetsGoJapan

    I don't mind the tax (although it can be tedious and seems very pointless). My biggest issue with FUT14 is the marketplace itself. It's absurd that most players (include those that are 84+) are reduced to the value of pennies over the course of the season. Something has to be done so that those players, that we do pack, maintain at least some value over the course of the FUT season. There isn't enough demand, for regular players, but there is a surplus in supply. It's bubbling the FIFA economy.

    Though I don't recommend that FIFA imitate the current FUTWC mode, I do have to say I enjoy it more than its predecessor. For one, packs cost less and I actually find enjoyment from pulling packs. 

    I don't mind the occasional "crappy pack" but its ridiculous that I spend 7.5k coins (or 300 credits) on a pack and 9/10 times I receive just 15% of the purchased value.

    Last edited by LetsGoJapan: 6/17/2014 9:43:58 PM
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    #653 futhead_Seattleboi917

    NO TAX WHEN YOU SELL PEOPLE!!! THE kick off glitch should be fixed because it is so unfair because people score goals and then the other team scores right away because of the glitch! 

  • +1
    #652 futhead_Seattleboi917

    There should be NO TAX when you sell your players on FUT! 

  • +1
    #650 Gazza23

    I love the idea of expanded manager tasks. Tbh I think it should be like Madden whereby doing certain things or fulfilling certain criteria gets you extra coins or packs. For example: in Madden they have solo challenges and if you complete a challenge you get a reward (coins or packs.) Also rewards for, like the article says, scoring so many goals or creating a squad that has over a certain chemistry would be good. This year I created the best Premier League squad I possibly could and then quit Ultimate Team because I felt like I'd accomplished what I set out to do. I'd created the squad I wanted, played some games with it and then sold the players because there was nothing else to do. Having Solo Challenges, say a list of 200 or so individual games against different teams at different difficulty levels that you can complete at your leisure and earn rewards for would give us something else to aim to complete. And goals such as scoring 1000 total goals or getting a certain amount of wins would give us something to strive for and achieving them should have massive rewards seeing as it would take months to achieve them.

  • +1
    #649 futhead_jordanscfc98

    I think they should get rid of legends all together because it just completely destroyed the market in Fifa 14 and is almost impossible to make profit off packs now.

  • +1
    #648 TomJolliffe8

    Wish it was as quick to sell on console as it is on the Web App. Really slow on Console and as Web App is still down, trading is becoming very tedious. 

    I don't think this would take a lot of time or effort but would be an improvement benefiting many members of the FIFA community as we buy the game to play it not waste time in the menus

    Last edited by TomJolliffe8: 6/8/2014 4:53:57 PM
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    #645 Pontesweden

    Fix the overpowered headers and crosses. The defenders are not this stupid in real life , like they are in fifa 14 on crosses.

  • +2
    #644 futhead_Lukayz

    They should add an arena for ultimate team so you can practice set plays and stuff with your squads.

  • +2
    #643 futhead_Lukayz

    Add an arena for ultimate team so you can practice set plays and stuff with your squads.

  • +1
    #651 xstreetlibya

    And add an training session instead of fitness cards. 


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    #642 FlynnFC

    I think that there should be a area in fifa were you can test the team you have thought of buying. If there isn't an area like this players like me will lose alot of money because we cant make our money back.

  • +2
    #641 futhead_KaiPlaysFifaYT

    If they were to add in wager matches it would class as gambling so they would have to make the  18+ that is the down side to it, EA have said they have thought of it but that is a big problem.

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    #640 futhead_Goaaalll


    informs have the same IG rating as card rating 

    example pogba 82 rated   84 IG rating   His card says 84


  • +2
    #639 KieranMC7

    I think being able to buy fifa points from the ea sports catalogue would be great because I think a lot more people would start to play ultimate team

  • +1
    #646 futhead_THUND3RupKD35

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea, but EA are money whores and who believes this could actually happen?

  • +3
    #637 Treddy

    Not one of those suggestions has anything to do with gameplay, yet there's nothing we hate more in fut than how much bullshit there is in it. 

  • +1
    #636 esesliniz

    Changing shorts and GK kits !!!

    Sometimes its very hard to understand which is your team player :S

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    #635 futhead_Ahoust0n


    1. CONSUMABLES AND STADIUMS: They should seriously let us have new international jerseys and badges so that we can show our national pride. EA should put in new stadiums and let us play in different times of the day instead of day and night.

    2. ATTRIBUTE CARDS: They should get rid of the pace, dribbling, defending, heading and all attribute cards because it is cheap. They should get rid of it because when i am in the finals the guy wins because of all the pace that he posses. BUT THEY SHOULD KEEP THE CHEMISTRY STYLES!!!!!

    3. OFFSIDES and HANDBALLS: In ultimate team EA should call offsides as if it is real life by sometimes having the guy offside be onside. Furthermore, EA should also put handballs on to make it more realistic. I have ended up losing games because of not getting a penalty called or a free kick called.


    5. BEING ABLE TO PUSH BACK WHILE ON THE BALL AND PENALTIES: The players on the ball should be able to push back because they always seem to end up getting the balls taken away. EA should make the chipping more realistic because when you chip the ball it goes right down the middle and you can tell its coming because of the steps that the player takes. They should also try and switch going high down the middle and also let the goalies being able to jump.



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