FUT World Cup - All The Details

FUT World Cup has now been officially announced to the masses, but besides being free and shiny  what's actually changing? 

 Here's a full rundown of every new feature we know about so far:

  • FUT World Cup is a free update to FIFA 14 coming May 29th 
  • FUT World Cup will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC
  • The standalone FIFA World Cup 2014 game is not required to play FUT World Cup
  • All players will receive a Starter Pack to kickstart FUT World Cup
  • You can build squads made up of players from all 32 nations attending this summers tournament
  • FUT World Cup features all 32 National Team crests and National Team kits 
  • FUT World Cup will feature the official adidas Brazuca match ball, and the Estadio do Maracana
  • FUT World Cup features a brand new look and feel to the games presentation
  • Player Packs can be purchased from the FUT World Cup store
  • FUT World Cup Players are untradable 
  • Every FUT World Cup Pack includes a free Gold Pack available for use in the traditional FUT mode
  • Online and Single Player tournament modes will be available 
  • Players can compete through the group stages and knockout phases in order to win the FIFA World Cup
  • By winning matches, players will earn in-game coins (like normal FUT)
  • A new chemistry system links players by their Nationality and Governing Confederation 
  • FUT 14 coins and FIFA Points can be used in FUT World Cup
  • In FUT World Cup you manage a single squad, you cannot have multiple squads
  • Club players from the main FUT 14 mode will not be available in FUT World Cup 
  • Players from FUT World Cup will not be available in the main FUT 14 mode
  • Some players in FUT World Cup will feature different ratings than FUT 14
  • World Cup based Man of the Match items will exist in FUT 14, any stat boosts will also apply in FUT World Cup
  • Play-a-Friend mode is not available in FUT World Cup
  • FUT World Cup can only be accessed from your retail copy of FIFA 14, not via the web or mobile app.

If you have any other burning questions, hit the comments and we'll do our best to answer and then update this list. Check out a few additional screenshots below. 


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