Gfinity and Futhead Bring You - Futhead Cups

Win Prizes by playing weekly FIFA Tournaments with Futhead and Gfinity!


That's right, Futhead have teamed up with Gfinity to bring FIFA 16 E-Sports to the masses in the form of Futhead Cups. Of which there will be 6 weekly tournaments for both European, North and South American regions. There are of course prizes, which you can see below. 



Signing up is totally free, so why not give it a go? 


You can find even more detail in the announcement post HERE but here's a word from our fearless Leader Dan Paulson on the partnership. 

We are extremely excited to partner up with Gfinity with this endeavor. Our passion has always been in providing FIFA fans with features and tools that encourage interactions and community building, and the Futhead Cups are the next step in that mission. We look forward to seeing some awesome competitions and building a competitive community that FIFA players love.

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