The FUT Chemistry Glitch - More From EA


Official Update Regarding The Recent Chemistry Discussions


Unless you've just returned from a short break on the Moon, you've no doubt by now you've seen the furore around Chemistry in FUT this week. If you want to get up to speed, start here, then go here.


On Tuesday, EA posted a small note on their forums that they were beginning to investigate the anomalies found by members of the FIFA community and today it's been updated.

Our development teams have continued to investigate the reports of potential chemistry and fitness inconsistencies within FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 16, and we want to provide you with an update.

Our work has shown that there appear to be some differences in how fitness and chemistry apply to some FUT items. The differences appear to be the same for all FUT fans, but only applying to some FUT items, so we’re making some changes to ensure the attributes are being applied consistently across all items in the game.

To do that, we’re working on a title update for FIFA 16 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms, and will be deploying it as soon as possible. We’ll continue to keep you updated on timing.

We appreciate the help from the FUT community and ongoing dialogue across channels like YouTube, the forums, and r/FIFA. We hear you and your interest in better understanding how FUT works, and as we move towards the launch of FIFA 17, we will be sharing more about the deeper mechanics of Ultimate Team.

We’ll be in touch again when we know the target date for the upcoming FIFA 16 update. Thank you.

So whilst it's still a bit ambiguous and they offer no detail on exactly what they have discovered under the hood (and are unlikely to), we now know that a patch is on the way to address this, as well as a promise of a clearer view on how core parts of FUT work for FIFA 17, which is no bad thing.


Now we just need to hear their plans to make this right...


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