FUT 17 - FUT Champions


A new way to play FUT in FIFA 17.


Another new mode for FUT 17 is aimed at grabbing the attention of the more competetive FUT players.


You can now compete in daily knockout tournaments which along with bringing their own rewards, will earn you entry into the weekend league. To keep things interesting, the daily tournaments will feature unique entry requirements as well as different rewards.


Last we heard, the daily knockout tournaments will run Monday through Thursday, with the Weekend League running across Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you only need to win one of the daily tournaments across the week to earn entry at the weekend.



The Weekend League gives you 40 matches to earn as many points as possible to climb the ranks and show how good you are. Rewards will be dotted across tiers, so you don't need to come out on top of the pile to win something, but naturally the higher you climb, the better the rewards will be.


From the stream it looks like some of the unique items on offer will be ridiculous. EA are claiming that these are the biggest prizes seen in FUT to date and I'm pretty sure I saw a prize of 120,000 coins in the stream, so they aren't wrong.



Consistent performances in the Weekend Leagues will see you rise up the Monthly Leaderboards which will bring even bigger rewards including special FUT Champions for you to show off. These monthly leaderboards feed into the FIFA 17 Championship Series which culminates next summer with regoinal finals, allowing players to compete for a $1.3M Dollar prize pool. So big money e-sports and FUT are finally coming together. Will be interesting to see how that pans out in terms of the kinds of teams people use.


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