FUT Player Review - TOTS Marco Reus

Hello and welcome to the first of many Futhead News player reviews for Futhead.com, where we aim to bring you detailed impressions on the latest TOTS and TOTW players, so that you know whether they're worth your hard earned coins or not. First up, we have the Bundesliga TOTS star - Marco Reus.

Position - LM | Formation - 3-5-2 | Squadhttp://www.futhead.com/fifa/squads/12137725/

Key Stats 

  • 99 Agility
  • 99 Reactions
  • 99 Long Shots
  • 98 Shot Power
  • 97 Dribbling

Full TOTS Marco Reus Stats on Futhead.com


I'll be honest, my first game with TOTS Marco Reus did not go as expected. I played against a friend of mine just to see what he was like and to say I was disappointed would be understatement. Despite my consistent attempts to get Reus involved in the game, it just didn't work out. He was getting outpaced, out-muscled, and he just couldn't seem to score. I lost the game 6-1, and I was seriously doubting my purchase - a thought which didn't last long.
After that game, I quickly realized that I was doing something wrong. I was trying too hard to get Reus involved and therefore was not only making my own team play worse, but I was also not getting the best out of him. I decided to relax and just play normally for the next couple games to see what happened. This new method paid dividends instantly and Reus suddenly felt unstoppable. Every one of his shots felt like it was going to go in, he was blazing past defenders cutting between them with ease and there was one particular goal he scored that really caught the eye. Reus picked up the ball on the left side, cut onto his right foot, zig-zagged between a couple defenders, and somehow managed to lift the ball over the keeper into the top of the net. At that moment, I knew that everything was working. I had finally figured out how to use him effectively and my team improved significantly as a result.


  • + Great pace
  • + Out of this world shooting
  • + Almost impossible to tackle with his close control
  • + 4* skills and weak foot

  • - Average passing
  • - Poor defending
  • - Below average heading
  • - Bad work-rates

PS3 Price - 500k | Xbox 360 Price - 460k

In conclusion, TOTS Marco Reus is a fantastic player and he is well worth the money at around 500k on PS3. If you have the coins to spare and you're in the market for a top LM then you'll struggle to find better in all honestly, we highly recommend that you go out and buy him. You won't regret it.


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    #12 Zyphr

    I have him in my Bundesliga team with TOTS Muller and Kiebling but he is out-paced by EVERYONE. John Terry is apparently faster than. He is constantly pushed over by everyone and his shot can be very slow and no where near the 98 shot power that is expected. My team is being a massive victim to handicap rules and at such a rate than any team worse than mine (which is most) will dominate and I can't even short pass to my team. I wouldn't recommend him as he's been like this for me since he was released and hasn't changed with different play styles.

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    #11 gustavo_elmejor

    maro reus no its bad

  • +3
    #10 NoahAndTheSnail

    Nice review Iah.

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    #3 mfmaxpower

    I guess I'm a little confused by this website - this isn't news, so why is it on the "news" blog and not on the futhead homepage, which I thought is where the Ultimate Team stuff is meant to be?

    I suppose I'm still rather unfamiliar with what the prime directive of this site is, UT, FIFA, what? And if it's both, then why not have this blog on the main page?

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    #4 FHDan

    At least from the Futhead side, it made a bit more sense to have 'official' editorials like this on the editorial-driven news side. We do feature the blog on the Futhead homepage as much as we can, we just haven't written a primary sync yet.

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    #5 Dave

    Its a good point Max but from a viewpoint of putting these reviews together the content management platform that we're on is perfect really, but that doesn't mean it has to hit the front page necessarily. 

    We'll look in to it. 

    And do you have a Twitter account btw? 

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    #6 Dave

    And just like that, its sorted :) 

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    #7 mfmaxpower

    No worries. It's not really meant as a criticism, rather I'm still trying to get used to the new site, figuring out what FUThead is all about. 

    And no, I'm lame and don't have a Twitter account. 

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    #9 Dave

    Well the site itself is basically phase 1 of what we want to do with the news element of Futhead  so expect things to change a bit.

    Basically,  exactly the same stuff we did on FSB and Insider but here! 

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    #2 Dave

    If you have any feedback on the review format, information you'd like to see, etc then let us know. This is very much the starting point for our FUT reviews and myself and Tom will be writing our own too.

    We'll tailor it to what you guys want to see.

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    #8 mfmaxpower

    CM player reviews would be awesome. Personally I'd prefer ones of lesser known players, those gems that people might not have heard of. Even better: lower league gems.

    Although I'm not sure I'd spend a whole post on a just one player. I'd love it if you did something similar to what some other CM scouting sites do and focus on several by position, role, etc. 

    I guess on the other hand, with the new transfer scouting system, my idea might not be worthwhile if the new feature is fun and effective experience.

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    #1 Hyperactive

    Yes Iah, not sure about the "Average Passing" but other than that, awesome review!

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