FUT 14 Players and Chemistry Styles

The day has final arrived - new FUT 14 info. Before we start, be sure to check out Futhead News' article on all the details of the announcements.

One important thing to note about all of this is that the stats / images / everything is subject to change, and it probably will before launch. That said, most of the upgrades and downgrades made sense. Falcao to 90 is an easy one, same with RvP to 89. Some other big name upgrades were Bale (+2), Lewandowski (+3) and Vidal (+1), which are all pretty common sense. Downgrades were mostly in line as well - Rooney (-2), Hazard (-2), Pirlo (HOW DARE YOU DOWNGRADE THAT BEARD) and Lloris (-2). Again, all this could change, but these seem like mostly sensible changes (PIRLO'S BEARD WILL HAUNT YOU EA. HAUNT YOU.)

A few interesting tidbits from the screen shots:

  • In one screenshot, Bale is an 87 at LM and in another, it appears that he's on the reserves as an 87 CF. Could be a hint that there's more position change items coming? Edit: Di Natale you sneaky bastard.
  • With the removal of formation chemistry, the game mechanics have three more points of chemistry to make up. These will most likely come in the form of loyalty and manager cards, but how the mechanics work specifically remains to be seen.
  • Let me see a show of hands on who would take Cesc over Pirlo? That's what I thought.
  • Rating mechanics appear to be unchanged.

And here's my unsolicited, initial thoughts on the new system:

Getting rid of the formation cards is a strong move because they were never anything more than a coin sink. In order to try out a new way to play our favourite game, we had to pay coins, in some cases a ton of coins. The new system allows us to try out all kinds of formations, see how we like them, and settle on what we feel like playing rather than what we can afford. So kudos on that. One potential downside is that if formations are not very balanced, everyone will be able to quickly and easily switch to the most overpowered formation and that's all you'll ever play against. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

The new Chemistry Styles system is pretty deep. I'm interested in seeing if it may affect work rates as well - at that point we're really getting in to making a squad play as we want it to. Even if that isn't the case, we're looking at probably ~17 player styles (2-3 GK), around 19,448 possible combinations of chemistry styles per squad if my awful midnight math is correct. That's an exponential upgrade in terms of non-player customization and freedom for your squad from previous years.

From a purely personal point of view, I think the new cards look fine, nothing too exciting but definitely the case of new = better. I also kind of enjoy that rare and non-rare have different styles, at least at this point. Punish those bad, bad non-rare players.

Hopefully we'll have a lot more information to share with you guys after Gamescom - and we'll have Futhead updated for FIFA 14 as soon as we can, with some great new features in store as well!




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