Welcome to Futhead 14

Itshappening.gif. Futhead 14 - and FIFA 14 data - is here. New Squad Builder. Updated formations. New images. All the features you loved in 13, back for 14 and more.

All of that said, please note that this is -very- early Futhead code. There will be bugs and snags here and there, and we'll be doing our best to fix everything that breaks. We weighed the option of an extensive closed testing period vs opening it up to everyone and hearing the feedback, and opted for the latter.

Note that some data is still being gathered. EA will surely be making a number of transfers as well to reflect all the recent movement - we will have those players updated just as soon as we can.

Updated Features

The Database

The structure of Futhead 14's database is more or less the same as 13 - we really liked most of our listing and searching features for players. There will be more transfers in the coming weeks as EA updates them. We're hoping by the date of the launch, Futhead has the complete database, including club items, staff, and players.

Squad Creator - http://www.futhead.com/14/squads/build/

This is probably one of the most-changed features, so we'll spend a bit of time going over it. The first thing you'll notice is that the initial flow of Name > Formation > Build has been changed to Formation > Build > Name. We made this change to get you in to building squads faster, and realized that you might not have a name for your squad until after it was completed.

You'll hopefully notice how the default search works this year. Instead of a list of players, we're trying out showing you the results, and allowing you to page through the results in the Squad Creator

 There are also new Search Settings for the Squad Builder, located on the toolbar.

  • Auto Position (default - enabled)
    While this is enabled, dropping in or moving a player to a position will automatically change that player's position to correct squad position, if possible.
    Example: If I drop Messi (CF) into a ST position, his position will change to ST. If I drop him into a LM position, he weill remain at CF.
  • Card Search (default - enabled)
    While this is enabled, the new search with pictures of cards is active. Once disabled, the squad search goes back to the plain listing.
  • Position Lock (default - disabled)
    When this is enabled, when you perform a search in the Card Search view, it will limit the results to players that are or able to become the active position.

Beyond the search settings, we've also added the ability to sort level right from the new Card Search.

When hovering over a player in the Squad Creator, you'll notice some new buttons.

Here's what the four buttons do:

  • 1 - X: Remove this player.
  • 2 - Change: Cycles through that player's positions
  • 3 - Heart: Toggles loyalty (enabled by default
  • 4 - List: Opens a new tab with all of that player's chemistry links

Options for Chemistry Styles will be coming soon. You are also able to choose a Manager and the Manager's league - these interfaces will be updated soon.

Squads - http://www.futhead.com/14/squads/build/

Squads now also show how many position changes there are, and you are able to search by league, nation, club, formation, skills, level, full, unique. We know our squad search last year was not the best - hopefully this can help you find more of the squads you're using.

We'll leave you with this now, but we're continuing to work on Futhead to be fully ready for it to be totally awesome for the FIFA 14 release. More items, prices, and some truly revolutionary ways to build squads are coming! As always, please leave any feedback with us here, on Twitter (@futheadsite) or at our email, [email protected] Thanks for using Futhead!



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